• WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it


*blacklists a user*

*shows up on my recommendations*

*shows up on my recommended dash*

*shows up at my birthday party*

Have you ever wondered what life is about?
You could search the world and never figure it out.


me as a prom dj

"time to slow things down a little blt"

*plays crank dat souja boy (acoustic version)*

“This is why you should never, ever get your hopes up. This is why you should see the glass as half empty. So when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated.”
Unknown  (via senyahearts)


Justin Bieber Fashion (x)


The fact that just a few months ago Justin was at his worst and hit rock bottom, and today he’s happy, healthy and thinking like this even when he knows theres still people out there waiting for him to screw up again and watch him fall makes me so unbelievably happy and proud of him you don’t even know.




When you about to put a bitch in their place


the chicken from season 1 is more important than larry


what are the symptoms of being fergalicious

“Wow google has everything.”
My grandma after discovering the internet