Person: So, what are your interests?




being a belieber is hard work, i want a raise


"what would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you?"


September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

@MissRavenSymone: ill b a good girl for now. Boring as it may be for others. But wow, there’s enough going on, ill chill at home, let others b bout dat life.

this IS real life.

when you think your period is over but you’re not really sure so you’re still wearing pads on the 6/7 day just incase eventhough its extremely uncomfortable and kinda gross »> the beatles

Reblog if your parents have ever:


- pointed out acne
- treated you like a little slave (you get them EVERYTHING)
- made fun of people who you idolize
- made you feel like an outcast
- ever called you a mistake or worthless
- forced you to go to a place where you weren’t comfortable
- made jokes about your weight
- made you cry
- made you break down
- made you feel like you were all alone
If so I’m going to send each and everyone of you a message!


For Iphone 5 / Galaxy 5 *